Improv Comedian and Transformation Coach, Reneé Kohn, M.A.

Inspiring, empowering, authentic and FUNNY! That’s how people describe Transformation Coach and Improv Comedian, Renée Kohn. She has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a certified life coach, recovery coach, and spiritual counselor. She spent 15 years on stage as a professional improv comedian in San Diego and Los Angeles. Renée also has more than 20 years of experience on television as a host, anchor, meteorologist, and entertainment reporter. (Her favorite interviews: Robin Williams, Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, & Jennifer Aniston.) She coaches clients all over the world and teaches her HEALING THROUGH HUMOR & EMPOWER PLAY improv comedy programs at addiction treatment centers, schools, senior centers, prisons, non-profits, Veteran's organizations, corporations and at conferences and live events. As a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, the skills, tools, and mindsets Renée teaches are what took her from addiction, pain and darkness to deep inner healing, self-compassion, joy, and emotional freedom.