This is Renée's Improv Comedy program for

Professional Growth, Development & Team Building.

Play fun, interactive improv comedy games with a POWERFUL purpose: UNITE YOUR TEAM, COMMUNICATE WITH CLARITY, AND LEVERAGE YOUR LEADERSHIP! Renée, a Transformation Coach & Improv Comedian. brings FUN, LAUGHTER, FOCUS & IMPROVED COMMUNICATION to your company in her EMPOWER PLAY Comedy Team Building program. Renée teaches your team interactive improv games that highlight their talents, gifts, and communication styles. Besides laughing and getting to PLAY, your team experiences increased CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, CONNECTION, ABILITY TO FOCUS AND BE LEADERS, Your team brainstorms together on how the insights they learned can help everyone LEVERAGE THEIR LEADERSHIP and boost your bottom line. $$$$$$$ (money, money, money.....)

Renée comes to your business for EMPOWER PLAY.

Packages available for 3 & 6 month programs.

Special package for One time workshops also available.