“Healing Through Humor really helped me get out of my head and go to a deeper level of what I was running from in my addiction. Renée’s fun energy and compassion helped me have more awareness and feel empowered. I’m forever grateful.”
Healing Through Humor Client
“I had no idea what to expect with Renée’s Transformational Improv Comedy Program. I tried it….and was HOOKED. I’ve never laughed so hard and learned so much about myself at the same time.  Healing Through Humor ROCKS.”
Healing Through Humor Client
“After Renée’s EMPOWER PLAY program, our company nailed a huge account and we’ve all been communicating with each other so much more effectively. Our whole company culture shifted after her program to being more playful, encouraging, and cohesive. She really helped me own my gifts and talents and helped me see how I could share them with the company and my team.”
“Renée’s funny, warm, and entertaining personality captivated the crowd at our event. She’s an AMAZING KEYNOTE SPEAKER–hilarious, authentic, inspiring, and full of life and energy. Made me feel like I can take on all my challenges…and win!”
Sharp Hospital's Integrative Medicine Program, Renée Keynote Speaker Client
“Renée’s an incredible coach. Her compassion and encouragement helped me see my inner strength and abilities I’d never been able to see before. I was able to reach all my goals and be so much kinder to myself while doing it. I wish I’d found Renée decades ago!”
Individual Transformation Coaching Client